Ah To Be Reading and Blogging

I am still mourning the loss of my deleted award winning blog on Blogspot. I am trying to make a go of it here but things keep happening. I am trying to keep my chin up as I am generally a glass is half full type of girl. I have read two very good books I want to talk about and have the authors come on my blog for interviews. I know one author is very interested and I am excited because her book is one of the best I have read in months. The other was wildly imaginative and I cannot wait to read part two. I also have a wonderful book blitz of a wonderful book by a dear friend that I want to bring to your attention. And from this same author I will have his book two cover reveal. I had a peak and it is pretty awesome.

So why have I not been blogging? I tore my right shoulder in three places and do not even know how I did it! So it hurts to type no matter how still I try to keep my hands (and I type fast!). In fact is is impossible to do everything as I am right handed. So no holding a book. Even reading on  my computer I have to have my little wing up on pillows. But the pain is messing up my concentration. So I see the surgeon tomorrow and find out my fate. So anyone who reads this and prays, say a little one for me that this all goes well. I really miss my blogging. I can deal with links not working etc but I miss blogging everyday and it really hurts to type as I already mentioned.

So I would love you to comment. Any authors tell me about your books and readers you can also tell me what you are reading. I have PLENTY of books to read but they are old already! (meaning beginning of the year was their publishing date). I have not been online so I am not up on book news either. I feel so out of the loop. So drop me a line and introduce yourself. I would love to read your blog too.

Well that is about all I can write without too much pain. So I hope to bring this blog up to speed! Keep checking back things are about to get good.

Love and Light,


Mismatched Bookend Tours



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