BOOK BLITZ! – Never Upon A Time



You’ve always hated her, but you might not know the whole story. . .

Edith may not be brazen and enchanted like her twin sister, Ember, but in a world of dying magic, perhaps her simple desires are enough.

After a Selection Banquet gone awry, Edith is left without a suitor or a plan. Befriending a little white fox and occupying herself with a philanthropic project outside castle walls, Edith soon rebuilds morale and musters enough courage to reach out to her estranged twin sister.

But Ember’s been harboring an evil secret – and thwarted love and jealous can turn acts of merit into classic tales of wickedness in this new twist on an old tale.

Book Excerpt 350

“You bastard dog!” Gretchen screamed.

Such profane words from a child made Wyck stop dead in his tracks. “You wait, you bastard dog. Just you wait,” she called. “I will tell everyone across the Land what has transpired today, and I will make sure generations thereafter hear.”

“And what is this threat?” asked the wolf. “You’ll tell them how your aunt was murdered, how your family is dishonorable beyond repair? I don’t understand.”

“I will tell them of the big, bad wolf who taunts and tricks innocent girls and of the witch who lures naïve children to her cottage in the Wood. No one will dare dispute the tales, especially if my mother is Queen.”

“Do what you will. No one will believe you or your dark-hearted mother,” Wyck said. Empty threats did not vex him.

“And why do you say that?”

“Because you’re a liar, and those things are untrue. They never happened, so they’ll never be believed.” He paused and added, “And your mother will never be Queen.”

With that, Wyck turned away from the wretched girl with the red cape, his appetite now whetted for conflict. The big, bad wolf couldn’t wait to try out his new teeth.




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Meredith Jade was raised in a small town by parents who taught her to love reading. From the moment she could hold pencil to paper, she wrote. After graduating college and traveling abroad teaching English in Uttaradit, Thailand for a year, she came home. Writing was that home. Her writing has a range of inspirations, all a result of her voracious reading as a child and young adult. Anything from Victorian Literature to bird watching guides to NY Times best sellers have served as an agent for her imagination. Never Upon a Time is her first novel.

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