It Is Nice To Meet Everybody!


Hello. My name is Mollydee and I am new to WordPress. My last blog kept crashing and in my business, I cannot have that. I am going to put up a blurb about me later so we can all get more aquainted. 

First I want to ask if there is anyway to make my logo picture bigger? I am used to my old blog where it went across the whole top of the page. If anyone can answer that would be great.

BLOGGERS! – I need bloggers. Just write me at or go to my facebook page. I can tell you about the book. This is not a review tour but you can get a review copy of the book courtesy of the author. I have a handful of bloggers but need more! And at the end of the tour I will be giving away a t-shirt with my logo on it to a lucky blogger! I would love to have you on board I am very easy to work with. I will have all the material and you arrange it any way you want on your blog. There will most likely be a giveaway of a signed copy of the book or some swag. Stay tuned!

AUTHORS! – I have six authors lined up already for blog tours. If you want me to send you a packet and pricing just let me know. My company is new and my prices are low. I have my first tour near the end of July (adventure/mystery book)  so you will see it here. And than I have a book after that. (horror) to tour. I am really excited about both plus the other four. I would love to be able to show you my history but I can send you out the packet and being on the other side for over eight months, I know the business very well. Not to mention you have a question that cannot be answered, I have the head of a book tour company waiting in the wings to help out. She is a great person and has already helped me so much.

So it is nice to meet you all. I want to put a photo in here but last time I did that it erased my post. So I will just get this greeting out first and maybe post something fun later!

I am excited to be here and have another new experience and am looking forward to meeting all of you. 

I am mainly a book blogger but I like other types of blogs so please do not feel restricted in what you can send me. 

Have a great Thursday everyone!!

Love and Light,


Mismatched Bookend Tours



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